Recruit a Lay Presenter

to speak at all Masses on January 25-26, 2020

In the past, many parishes have chosen a leader from an ACTS-funded ministry to speak at all Masses on Lay Presenter weekend.  This year, we have asked pastors who recruit a parishioner to witness the role of stewardship in his/her life, the impact of stewardship on the parish and the archdiocese, and how the ACTS helps the parish.  This person or persons will speak at all Masses on Lay Presenter weekend (January 25-26, 2020).

The person you select should be an enthusiastic member of your parish.  This person is asked to spend a small amount of time visiting or interviewing one of the ministries funded by the ACTS to share the impact of that ministry on the parish.  Lay presenter contact information can be submitted at

Your Lay Presenter will be sent a link to helpful information, including dsample outlines for his/her presentation and information about the ACTSThis information can be found at