ACTS Target Calculation Process

Q.  How is the overall goal determined?

A.  The overall archdiocesan goal is determined by the Archbishop upon consultation with the Clergy Advisory Committee, the Presbyteral Council, the College of Consultors and the Administrative Team.

Q.  How is my parish target determined?

A.  The archdiocesan goal is allocated to the regions based upon the regions’ “reported income” divided by the archdiocesan “reported income”.  “Reported income” is defined as envelope and plate collections minus 50% of net school expenses for “tithing” parishes.  

Regional Reported Income / Archdiocesan Reported Income = Regional Percentage of ACTS Target

The parish target is calculated based upon a formula determined by each region’s priests.

Regional Target × Percent determined by regional priests = Parish Target

Important note:  Each region decides its formula to determine how assessments are calculated within their region.  The archdiocese assesses regions and assigns regional ACTS targets.  Each region then determines the formula to divide the regional target among the parishes.