The Vineyard Society

generosity beyond your lifetime 

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann has established a new giving society for those who wish to continue their generosity beyond their lifetime. These planned giving options are a gift designated today that will yield fruit in the years to come.

The Vineyard Society provides Catholics in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas the opportunity to continue your faithful stewardship to the Archbishop's Call to Share appeal beyond your lifetime. A gift to the Vineyard Society becomes a personal legacy that will continue to bear fruitful grace in the lives of many.

An invitation to join the vineyard society

There are many ways to share your gifts and experience the abundant joy that comes from bringing others to Christ. Members of the Vineyard Society demonstrate their commitment to a stewardship lifestyle by providing for others, both now and in the future. A commitment of any amount to the Archbishop's Call to Share appeal at death qualifies you as a member of the Vineyard Society and will enable others to reach out in service of those in need.

ways to give

Your gift may be a simple bequest through your will or estate plan. It may also be one of many types of gifts, such as an endowment, a charitable gift annuity, or an insurance or retirement plan that designates the Archbishop's Call to Share appeal as the beneficiary upon your death. This type of giving may bring tax benefits and can simplify your philanthropic interests. You will have the assurance that your gift will be distributed according to your wishes at the time it was received.

for more information

The Office of Stewardship and Development welcomes the opportunity to discuss your wishes to continue your generosity beyond your own lifetime. For more information about joining the Vineyard Society or to schedule a visit to learn more, please call (913) 647-0325, or email us at You are encouraged to consult with your tax professional or estate-planning advisor.

Vineyard Society