A Call to Christian Stewardship

The message of stewardship encourages us to ask ourselves the question: "What, dear Lord, do You want me to do to fulfill Your Will for the Church?"  The invitation to follow Jesus is symbolized by the shepherd's staff, our Archbishop's crosier. Join more than a thousand Catholic families who pledge gifts of a one-percent portion of their annual income (self-disclosed), or at least $1,000, and become members of the Crosier Society. Members of the Crosier Society gather annually for a special Mass of Thanksgiving with Archbishop Naumann. To know Jesus, to follow Jesus, and to love Jesus is a disciple's response.

Crosier Society Membership

Patron: 1% of annual income or $1,000

Benefactor: $2,000

Steward: $5,000

Provider: $7,500

Guarantor: $10,000

Golden Guarantor: $15,000

Archbishop's Circle: $25,000

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