Responding to the Need


The Parish/School Emergency Aid Fund was established through the Archbishop's Call to Share 2006 appeal to assist parishes and or schools who may experience an unplanned/unbudgeted expense.  The distributions of grants are recommended by the Clergy Advisory Committee (CAC) with approval by the Archbishop.  Since the inception of this fund, $813,766.50 (as of 12/22/2016) has been awarded to help allay unexpected, urgent expenses.

Grants are awarded via an application process. Click here to open the fileIMPORTANT: SAVE THE FILE TO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE FILLING IT OUT.

Criteria for Evaluation of the Emergency Aid Requests

Although all recommendations for grants are approved or not approved by the Archbishop, the following issues will be considered when reviewing applications and making recommendations for grants of emergency aid funds:

  • Emergency is defined as “situation that occurs beyond the control of the parish or school”
    • Is the situation a result of “deferred” or “delayed” maintenance?
      • Deferred maintenance items generally do not qualify as emergency situations.
  • Financial resources – review of parish/school finances with CFO
    • Has the parish considered applying for a loan from the archdiocese to offset the unexpected expense?
    • Has a special appeal been made to the parishioners for the funds for the repair?
    • Are funds available in savings?
  • Capital improvement/repair estimates
    • The estimates and invoices are subject to review with the archdiocesan real estate and construction office.
    • Have the appropriate number of bids been obtained per the archdiocesan handbook?